1. Our #wedding movie arrived and a tiny #Batman USB stick! And the #dog doesn’t trust it. (at Foundry Cottage)

  2. Literally flat out #dog #pet (at Foundry Cottage)

  3. #Classical #flowers #blackandwhite #gift (at Foundry Cottage)

  4. fringe conception turned 2 today!

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  5. Project 366 2012

    I have finally created my collage poster for last year’s project.

    Cheers y’all!

  6. Snow Globe
    This is the snow falling in our garden this evening.

  7. blimation:

    Mario and Link use each other’s enemies against their own to mimic George Melies’ “journey to the moon”

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    Really Cool

  8. Magneto at Lunch


  9. Hey

    If you like the shots that I’ve been putting up to my Tumblr throughout the Project 366 last year I would like to invite you to view my Facebook page and “like” it to continue seeing more.

    Thanks for your continued support

  10. All You Need Is Love